Freight & Infrastructure Charge

The Victorian Government has introduced a Bill which would require the Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) to pay an annual Port License Fee (PLF) of $75 million, the Bill & fee will replace the previously proposed Labor Government Freight & Infrastructure Charge, that was to be a per container truck charge.  The PoMC has indicated it would pass on the PLF to shipping companies in the form of increased wharf, channel and other fees.  The PoMC will review the PLF along with the annual Reference Tariff Schedule increases & will introduce the new tariff & rate schedule from 1 July – how much this will add to each shipment we will have to wait & see.


All governments of today are aware of the cost of living pressures on people especially pensioners & the disadvantaged yet they continue to impose new taxes & fees that continuously drive up prices, these additional costs on both exports & imports will not assist Australian goods us as we compete in a global market place.