Drawback of Customs duty & returned goods

The Australian Government has a number of assistance schemes operating for industry operating in overseas markets.  The Duty Drawback scheme allows exporters to claim back the duty paid on the imported components of goods when these components form part of an export product. The system is designed to reduce costs for exporters and a drawback claim can be lodged within a 4 year period from the date the goods were exported, if you have exported the time frame may still allow you to claim duty back from the Federal Government. 

Australian Customs will also allow returned goods to be entered duty free when the goods are returned in an unaltered condition, the legislation requires that the goods have not been subjected to treatment, repair, renovation, alteration or any other process, (the term, “any other process” does raise questions) the goods also have to be consigned & returned to the original exporter to gain this free status.  Customs will not allow returned goods to be entered duty free if the goods were subject to a duty drawback or refund when the goods were originally exported and will often require evidence of the original export to obtain this duty free returned goods status.    

As the year seems to be just disappearing, the freight & logistics industries is undergoing some major changes, we will endeavour to keep you informed as to these changes as the year progresses, if you do have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.