DAFF New Imported Food Regulations

As of the 20 May, 2013, commercial importers are required to report the overseas producer for all food imports.

DAFF’s definition of the Producer is “the commercial or individuals premises where the goods are packed into the final bulk or retail packaging.” The Producer declared on the Import Declaration must be as listed on the labelling of the imported product. 

Importers are advised to contact their overseas suppliers to ensure that the Producers are declared on the commercial documentation for each type of imported food on the consignment.  Importers are responsible for sufficient information so as the correct Producer is declared with regards to the goods imported. 

We as Customs Brokers will register the Producer in the Customs ICS system on your behalf but will require this information be provided by the importer of the food import. 

This requirement includes all foods & beverage, including alcohol.  Please go to the following link to familiarise yourself with the requirement: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/import/food/notices/2009/2013/ifn_02-13,