City Link Toll Increase

To our valued customers,

Following on from our February newsletter advising of the proposed upcoming price increases affecting heavy vehicle road transport in Melbourne, we would like to alert our customers of the below increases to all container bookings from April 1st onwards.

 Melbourne Wharf Infrastructure Fee – $36.00 per container + GST

 City Link Heavy Vehicle toll Fee                 

  • East and South Eastern suburbs utilising the Monash Freeway – $46.40 per container + GST                                                       
  • North and North Western Suburbs utilising the Tullamarine Freeway – $29.70 per container + GST

We understand this is a significant increase to our customers, however these increases have been forced upon the industry and we have no choice but to pass them on to continue a level of service acceptable to you, and which allows your business to continue running efficiently. Please also note City Link toll increases are valid from April 1st to June 30th only, and we will notify you of changes to the toll structure from July 1st as soon as the information is made available. Whilst we realise such an unprecedented increase will hit everyone hard, we appreciate your understanding that these increases are too much for ICAL to absorb as we have with smaller fee increases in the past.

If you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact our operations manager, Nicholas Watts, or your ICAL customer service representative.