Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Season & Fuel Surcharge Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Following on from our previous newsletters, please note the 2018/19 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) how now commenced for consignments shipped from September 1.

For the full list of target countries and target high risk goods, along with the latest update from DAWR, please refer to the following link

As a result of the recent change to the departments policy, which now allows the treatment of goods on arrival in Australia, ICAL will assess each FCL consignment individually to determine if treatment should be arranged at origin or on arrival in Australia. Due to the expanded target list of countries and goods this season, we anticipate an increase in clearance delays and container detention on arrival in Australia.  At this stage for LCL consignments treatment will be carried out at origin prior to departure to Australia. Costs will be provided at time of booking by your ICAL representative.

If you have concerns regarding your imported goods, and the affect any treatment may have on them, please let us know and we will be able to investigate further.

Part of ICAL’s responsibility in managing the risk during the BMSB season, effective 1 September 2018 through to 30 April 2019, is requiring our Customs Brokers to ensure that treatment details contained on the certificate meet or exceed the departments minimum BMSB treatment requirements. In addition, after assessment of these documents, the Customs Broker must record the AEI ( Entity Identifier number) in the appropriate field in the Integrated Cargo System (ICS).

This extra level of Quarantine compliance remains in place for all shipments shipped during the BMSB season, where the category and origin of goods falls within the guidelines. In order to recover our costs for additional compliance and provide further training to our staff to correctly assess treatment certificates, there will be an additional $37.50 AUD ex GST, levied per bill of lading.

This levy will only remain in place during the BMSB season. It will not be levied on goods not considered to be high risk.

Updated Fuel Surcharge

Please take note our Fuel surcharge is currently at 17% for the month of September, as usual we will continue monitoring and update when necessary.