International Logistics, Customs, and Trade

ICAL is an Australian international Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage and Logistics company with strong connections across the world. We take importing, exporting and trade compliance very seriously.

With our handpicked highly experienced staff, some of which have been with the company in excess of 35 years, we provide the highest standard of freight / customs service not only in and out of Australia, but also throughout the world, handling many third country projects through our network of professional agents.

ICAL provides specialist warehousing services, catering for products that require extra care in handling and protection from damage. Our controls over such products ensure there is no loss of product and/or damage to our clients’ reputations.

ICAL serves the needs of traders, manufacturers, and other forwarders and brokers, in almost every country and across four continents. Being a member of one of the largest International Networks across the globe ensures we are big enough to obtain competitive freight rates and able to efficiently manage every request, whilst being independent means we are small enough to take care of our clients and to offer a personalised, cost-effective solution for every need and situation.

Our aim is to provide superior, cost beneficial services to our customers.