About ICAL

The development of ICAL can be traced back for more than 35 years. The current owners of ICAL are Mr Russell Burke, Mr Mark Coleman and Mr Andrew Grima who have a collective experience in this industry of more than 100 years.

The company has a history of performing high quality logistics, freight forwarding, and customs work for large and small corporations alike and is involved in the many aspects of the international and local forwarding, distribution and customs, trade, and quarantine work.

The company holds licences from customs and quarantine authorities to operate the customs brokerage and bonded warehousing facilities and also holds a licence from Aviation Security Authorities to operate as a regulated air cargo agent.

The long development of the company has seen us acquire all of the facilities that enable us to provide the complete services to the importer, exporter, manufacturer, and forwarder and broker in overseas countries.

The company also specialises in handling difficult or time sensitive shipments, whether it’s co-ordinating aircraft charters for time sensitive / over oversized cargo or organising the transportation to all parts of Australia, ICAL’s project management team can confidently and efficiently identify the solution to transport your cargo to the required destination.

Although the company has already achieved a long history and provides a large range of services, we have a long term plan for continuing development of all services to the international trading community.