Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement –(JAEPA)

Another year and another Free Trade Agreement, from tomorrow the 15 January 2015, The Japanese Australia Free Trade Agreement will enter into force.

On commencement importers will be entitled to duty-free entry for most goods imported from Japan, provided the goods meet the JAEPA Rules of Origin.

To claim Japanese originating goods a Certificate of Origin (COO) or an origin certification document is required to support a claim for JAEPA preferential treatment. The preferred option will be the origin certification document which may be completed by an importer, exporter or producer for each imported shipment and provides a cost effective system where importers and exporters can certify their own products rather than having the additional expense of a COO being issued by an authorised body. An origin certification document must be provided for each qualifying shipment.

The Origin certification documents must contain the following data elements to be acceptable for Customs purposes: Exporter or producer details, description of goods, HS code (six digits), Preference criterion, and certification (by the importer, exporter or producer, that, based on the evidence and records maintained, the goods specified in the origin certification documents meet all the relevant requirement and the name and address of the importer, exporter or producer who completed the origin certification document.

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