IMO 2020 Low Sulphur Bunker Adjustment Factor

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will implement a new regulation, effective January 1st 2020, requiring all shipping lines to switch to a cleaner fuel, with a maximum sulphur content of 0.5%. Whilst the regulations do not begin until 2020, a major of shipping lines have already begun steps to switch to a low sulphur fuel, or invest in scrubbers for vessels already in service. Scrubbers and exhaust gas cleaning systems are used to remove harmful gasses generated by the vessel engine, in order to minimise environmental impact. As a result of the above, each shipping line will implement a new BAF between early December and January 1st 2020. The price will vary depending on origin/destination, however it is expected to be between USD $150 – $200 per TEU and up to $10.00 per weight / measure for LCL bookings