March Coronavirus Update

Most of the eastern provinces in China such as Zhejiang, JiangSu, Fujian, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shangdong are now back to work. However, due to travel restrictions, most manufacturers are still not operating normally due to staff shortages. Henan province has announced a return to work date of March 16th. 

Transport within China continues to be challenging, with the Chinese government encouraging the use of trains to carry containers rather than rely on trucks between cities.

As shipment bookings increase, we continue to see space restrictions. Please let us know as early as possible so we can try our best to guarantee the space that is available.

From April 1st, Shipping lines will introduce a levy increase for all export shipments with origin from the Australian East Coast to ports and points in Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The levy will be US$200/TEU for dry cargo and US$500/TEU for refrigerated cargo.

We will continue to monitor and keep you updated. If you have any questions, please contact your ICAL representative.